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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Snot Gobblers and What Are They?

If you search for the term ''Snot Gobblers'' in Google you'll get an amazing range of responses from a cool drink recipe through to the inevitable stories of kids eating snot – lovely, yuck!!

A snot gobbler’ is a phrase coined to describe any young lad who has a perpetual stream of green goo running from nose to upper lip. It's also an insult directed to a person you believe to be of lower class or status, someone for whom perhaps the swallowing of snot is challenging enough occupation alone.

"Get away from my car you snot gobbling little sod!"
or as an affectionate term of greeting: "Alright snot gobbler?"

Apparently, even our own Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is an avid snot gobbler and he's been reported in the media has having picked his nose three times and eaten it! There's a blog site totally devoted to discussing this disgusting habit of his!! But, avoid the site '' Harry the snot gobbler'' as it's nothing to do with the habit of gobbling snot!

Even Facebook's got in on the act of snot gobbling with their Snot ''Gobblers Anonymous''. The site is described as, and I quote the site itself,: ''Are you happy to do anything really strange or weird to gross people out or to get attention? If the answer is yes then you need to let me know about it.'' And one of it's stories about snot gobbling states, and again I quote the site: ''Its been reported than an unknown 23 yr old woman from New York had video taped herself picking huge boogers out of her nose then eating them. The incident happened some time in November this year and it has been a priority for me to attain a copy of this event.''

Anyway, let's finish on a much happier note with the recipe for the Snot Gobbler drink.
Ingredients to use: 2.0 shots Creme de Menthe

2.0 cups Ginger Ale
1.0 shot Melon liqueur

Directions: In a pitcher or large glass pour in the creme de menthe, then add the ginger ale then add the melon liqeur and stir vigorously.

Cheers to snot gobblers everywhere and happy gobbling – yeeugh!!

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