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What I want to do on this blog is give honest and open guidance to those who are setting out as online entrepreneurs in order to enable them to establish their online businesses as quickly and as effectively as is humanly possible.

To this end I intend to give regular straightforward and easy to understand guidance on the essential aspects of establishing, developing and growing a profitable online business.

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Twitter Traffic Training For Your Net Biz, Part 2: Karma A

Hi, and welcome to part 2 of Twitter Traffic Training (or the 3Ts as it's rapidly becoming known as!!). This one's all about Karma - it's a piece of software which makes managing Twitter traffic a whole lot easier!!

The video was too big for You Tube in one part so I had to split it in two. Both parts are here for you to view - Karma A and Karma B. Enjoy, learn and prosper!!

Well I hope you found that both interesting and useful?

Now on to Karma B.

Happy hunting!!

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Twitter Traffic Training For Your Net Biz, Part 2: Karma B

Here's Karma Part B.

Now all you need to do is put what you've learnt here into practice and watch your traffic grow!!

Happy hunting.

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Twitter Traffic Training Part One: How to Get Others to Follow You and Stay Following You

I want this series of blogs on Twitter to be short and to the point so you can get on and put what you’ve learnt here into action out there on Twitter just as soon as is humanly possible and so you can take full advantage of all the traffic you’re going to generate in order to make more money from your online businesses.

So, with that in mind I’ve created a step by step list of what to do with easy to follow instructions. If at any point you get stuck then just e-mail or Skype me and I’ll show you how to overcome any problems you may have!!

Skype: Kevin.Walker691

OK, let’s get started. Here's your To Do List for ''How to Get Others to Follow You and Stay Following You'':

1. First off you need to be the one who follows someone else - you follow first (your offering the hand of friendship here), but - you need to be selective and choose to follow those who are only interested in what you're trying to sell them – to build a list of people who are not interested in what you offer or sell is a worthless list!!

2. You can do a search for these people to follow at just enter the search terms and click on search. For example if you sell bowling shoes type in ''bowling shoes'' and see who is talking about them. Then follow those people and hopefully they will follow you back!!

3. You can also go to your competitors on Twitter who you know are selling the same or related products to the ones that you are selling, click on their followers list and click on the people who are following them and then you are following the exact same people who are following your competitors. These are open sourced focused lists of potential targeted leads!! – pretty amazing stuff, yes?

A word of warning: only follow the first 2 or 3 pages of the followers on you competitors list as these are going to be the most active and therefore the most likely to follow you back – which is really what you want.

Here's a Key Point to getting as many followers as possible from your time and efforts – follow at the right times. These times are:

Weekdays: 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm-10.00 pm;

Weekends: All day Saturday

All day Sunday but especially Sunday night

AVOID mornings during the week as no one has time to follow you back

Finding People Worth Following

4. Look for active users and who do a lot of updating. If someone has a low number of followers and does not regularly Tweet or update their followers or following list or home page then they're unlikely to take an interest in you or your product and are even less likely to follow you back. Also, if they don't post a picture of themselves it indicates they can't be bothered or have something to hide or are less interesting then the poster or cartoon they posted instead of a picture of themselves!! –sorry, but it's true and they are unlikely to follow you back.

A word of warning: be careful here as the low number of followers/following, no photo, etc may be just because they are newbies and deserve a chance. So, be careful!!

5. Check the number of Tweets of the person you intend to follow and only follow those with at least 5-10 tweets.

6. When you do a search on look for two or more Twitterers having a conversation and then enter the conversation if you have something of value to add to it – remember this is about building relationships with potential customers and so if you can add value to them and what they are trying to find out or do then you will build your authority on the subject and gain their respect and confidence as well as their friendship – this way they'll be more confident in buying from you rather than someone they don't know!!

Note: in getting a following this way it goes from 30% follow back to 60% who will follow you back and could even be as high as 70% if you enter the conversation.

7. Don’t follow 400 – 500 people per day or you’ll get kicked off!! You need to follow 50 per day and then delete them off after 2-3 days, if they don't follow you back, and then add some more to your following list. When you get to following 500 you can follow 10% of your followers list to stay in the rules of Twitter and avoid getting thrown off!!

Example: you have 3,000 followers which means you can be following 3,300 which is 10% more than your followers list.

8. Always check back to the ''big boys'' on Twitter as they’re pages will refresh with new followers everyday – if not every few minutes with those who have followers at the 1 million mark!! So, a good source of free traffic!!

9. Obviously the above involves some work each day every day and about three or four time per day!! Well we can automate a lot of it and one way is the use a piece of software called Karma. But I'll say more about that in the next Twitter Traffic Training E-Booklet, Part 2.

Well, good hunting with this one!
Talk again soon.

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Friday, 9 October 2009

Making Money The Easy Way

Hi Guys, I just wanted to make you all aware of the possibilities of earning some residual income through the Maverick Money Makers website. They have great training videos which are very easy to follow but which also offer some fantastic yet simple marketing tips to get you up and running in no time at all! They are a very reputable company and come highly recommended by numerous leading online entrepreneurs. 

If you go to their website at:

you'll be able to see for yourself the training videos and other support and marketing materials which they offer. They have everything you need to get up and running and it's all FREE. This includes your affiliate link code, banners, affiliate income calculator, wallpapers, articles, signature files, e-zine solo ads, PPC materials, success stories and much more.

I've actually paid out money for this kind of stuff in the past and I got a lot less than you'll get here. The big difference here is that this is completely risk free as you don't pay a single penny to anyone - they pay it to you, in spades!! So there is nothing to lose except a little of your time and effort in learning how to make your business and your income grow much faster, much bigger and much richer!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Good hunting.

All the best and have a great week.

Regards, Kevin Walker.

P.S. Please take a little time to visit me at: 

Monday, 21 September 2009

How to Get Free Traffic From Twitter

Hi blog lovers!!

Here are some interesting facts from my e-training course on “How to Get Free Traffic From Twitter”

1. 60% leave Twitter in first month or two so you need to move them on to your list pretty quickly!!

2. You need to build a focused list of people who are interested in what you sell.

3. You should follow recent followers of competitors – open sourced focused lists!!

4. You need to follow at the right times in order to optimise your follow backs and make the best use of your time.

5. You need to find people worth following who will bring you a lot of business and re-tweet your tweets for you – don’t just follow anyone, you need to be highly selective.

6. Look for active users and who do a lot of updating – but with the ideal profile to ensure a good conversion ratio!

7. By being effective in selecting who you follow and how you follow them you can boost your follow back rate from 30% to between 60% and 70%!!

8. You need to stay within the rules when selecting followers en masse otherwise you’ll get banned from Twitter.

9. There are some Twitters with 100s of thousands of followers and some with millions – you can get their followers to follow you as well – it’s easy!!

10. All aspects of Twittering can be put on auto-pilot so you don’t have to do the boring stuff!

11. There’s lot of ready made content for you to tweet – if you know where to go – this will save you a lot of time.

12. Your content and sales tweets should be of the optimum ratio to avoid losing potential customers and to gain maximum conversion rates.

13. There are just 3 Key Approaches to getting followers to migrate from Twitter onto your mailing list – each one legal and each one avoids complaints about spam!!!

14. Your campaign should be structured, well planned and organised to gain optimum conversions and returns from Twitter Traffic.

Well, I hope that’s enough to get you started thinking about your very own Twitter Traffic Campaign and to get you lots of FREE traffic from Twitter.

I can show you exactly how to achieve each and every one of the above points and much more besides, if you need me to, in my FREE Twitter Traffic Training e-books and e-booklets.

Just use the link below to my website in order to access this totally FREE resource for FREE Twitter Traffic.

Good Hunting folks.

Kevin Walker.

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How to Get Started on Facebook and Twitter, Part 2 or “How to Get FREE Traffic From Twitter”.

How to Get Started on Facebook and Twitter, Part 2 or “How to Get FREE Traffic From Twitter”.

Welcome to part 2 of my blog on getting started on Facebook, Twitter and other types of social media.

An ongoing task for you is the need to be building your teams and to be implementing proven systems so that you can exponentially build your online business. Also, if you care about your business and its future, you must become active immediately on the social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

You probably feel frustrated and that you’re getting left behind. You might be feeling that your competitors are way ahead of you and grabbing all the attention and opportunities which are currently available.

Each day that you don’t put work and effort into the social media marketing place, you’re losing out on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential income. Do you feel you just cannot keep up with the fast pace of development?

If your answer to that last question was yes then don’t worry as I’m here to help you.

There are thousands of Web 2.0 sites on the Internet but, Facebook is the giant with over 250,000,000 active users – although this figure does vary from source to source, but none the less it’s still an impressive target market!! Marketers and online businesses have realised this fact for sometime now and as a result, they're coming on board in droves to fully exploit the marketing potential of the social media.

As a progressive and up to the minute professional you’re probably kicking yourself for not being more up to speed with social media marketing. But don’t worry, because I’m here to help you change all that!

It’s now time for you to become savvy about the whole social media scene.

Visit my website right now and sign up for your first and FREE training e-booklet on “How to Get FREE Traffic From Twitter Part 1”. You’ll also then be eligible for all the subsequent parts of the Twitter Traffic Training E-book.

Happy Hunting.

Kevin Walker.

Who is this Kevin Walker guy?:

How to Get Started on Facebook and Twitter, Part 1

I’m sure you’re familiar with the social networking giants Facebook and Twitter, but have you yet worked out how to greatly increase your website traffic, your subscribers, your blog readers, your sales and your profits using these social networking tools?

If your answer to this question is no, then I’m so glad you’re reading this blog, because I am about to explain to you some amazing possibilities.

So, where do you start? How do you rapidly speed up your learning curve so you can begin to make money from all your social networking activities? Before you start on Facebook or on Twitter you need to consider if you’re really ready for all the exposure you’re going to get.

So, what do you need to consider first?

Well for a start there’s blogging. You probably keep thinking you should have a blog or start another blog or blog more often or on a different topic!!

Maybe you need to overhaul your website – bring it up to speed and give it a whole Web 2.0 look and feel and improve its interactivity.

What about your brand? Maybe you need a new logo and fresh headshots before you launch yourself on Facebook or Twitter in a big way?

Should you consult website specialists, logo designers or a branding experts?

And how’s your budget for marketing looking? Is it solid and on track and taking you and your business towards your goals?

Even if you were able to build a decent following on Twitter and get fans on Facebook - what then? Where would you direct them? What would you sell them?

Are you trading time for money as a coach, trainer or consultant – just selling away all your days?

Or, have you figured out how to leverage your time and talents yet?

Well, these and many more burning questions will be answered in part 2 of this blog!!

Happy hunting folks.

Kevin Walker.

See more about me over on my website:
See how I’m Making Money The Easy Way

Monday, 7 September 2009

Camcorder Check List

Hi Guys, just a quick blog this time to give you a check list of features you’ll need to use when searching out the camcorder for you. It’s not an exhaustive list but it contains some of the most important point to bear in mind when looking. Also, don’t forget to do a search on the Internet for additional features to take into account.

Here’s the list

Wide angle lens
5-10K Megapixels
Picture quality
Stills shots facility
Special effects
Colour effects
Onboard speaker
Onboard hard drive
Sound quality and Dolby stereo
Auto/manual focus
Quality of image
Optical and digital zoom
Macro facility
Battery life
Max and min length of shoot time
Flip out and twist round screen – hope you know what I mean, I couldn’t think of a clearer way to describe this – anyone any suggestions?
Colour viewfinder and size
Type of memory card
Does it come with a memory card?
Type of lens
Lens cap
Focal length
Video format and resolution
Battery charger included
Zoom microphone and noise reduction
Night light/flash
Mic input
Night recording mode
Accessory shoe
Wind filter
SDHC/SD/MMC+ media card slots
Stills shots
USB/AV cable inc
AV out connections
Editing software inc
Carrying case
Hand grip
Auto white balance
Long play mode
Date and time stamp
Backlight compensation
Suitable for tripod use
Memory card recording format
16:9 widescreen recording
Digital image stabiliser
Rechargeable lithium battery
Work off mains or just battery
Use as a webcam

Happy hunting!!
Kevin Walker.

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Getting the Right Camcorder

Hi Guys, further to my last blog on Getting the Right Webcam I’d like to share with you what happened next and my experiences with camcorders.

The whole process of talking to Microsoft and Hewlett Packard about my difficulties with the webcams and carrying out various trouble shooting operations, installations and combinations took a total of approximately 2.5 days!! In the end I decided I had better things to do with my life and went out and bought a cheap hand held camcorder.

Did I mention it was a cheap camcorder – and you know what that means, yep nasty - cheap and nasty – it cost just £40.00!! The sound and picture quality were both poor – I’ll not name the camera manufacturer to avoid any embarrassment (and litigation)!! However, I did purchase it from a well known high street book store. Nor will I bore you with the details of what else was wrong with this camcorder and the time I wasted trying to get a good quality shoot out of it – suffice it to say that cheap is not good!

So, yesterday I went out and bought a Samsung SMX-F300. I got it for £139.99 from a Comet store. It was originally on sale at £249.99 and it comes with a battery charger, hand grip, carrying case, USB/AV cables, editing and other software, etc(go here for more details So, a bit of a bargain then?

If you decide to go for the Samsung SMX-F300 then just enter this name and model number into Google as there are lots of stores offering it at this price and some are £10.00 cheaper or £10.00 more expensive, so be careful. Also, if you go to a Comet store to buy it take the webpage as a print out as proof of the website price as when I went to collect mine yesterday they tried to charge my £149.99 until I produced the webpage printout!!

So, let’s hope this camcorder meets my needs when I try it out later today. I’ll let you know in a later blog. Also, see my next blog on what features to look for in a handheld camcorder – my check list for when you go searching for your very own camcorder.

Sorry to have gone on about this but I feel it’s vitally important for you all to be aware of some of the nightmare scenarios that can happen if you don’t, or even if you do, carry out your research into the camera you need for Internet purposes.

I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Happy hunting!!

Kevin Walker.

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Getting the Right Webcam

Hi Guys, I’ve just spent the past five weeks sourcing a new video camera to use for YouTubing. However, this process has given me a lot of problems and I wanted to share my experiences with you so you can avoid the difficulties I had and save yourselves time and money and the hassle!

I’ve gone through 2 webcams and 2 hand held camcorders so far in an attempt to find the right solution. My two webcams were both Microsoft Lifecams - Lifecam VX-6000 (see here for more details: and Lifecam VX-7000 (see here for more details: to be exact. The VX-6000 was a smart looking webcam but the sound and picture quality was poor. So, I contacted Microsoft technical support about this and they told me that the software the webcam came with was 3 years out of date!! and that I would have to download the latest software from the Microsoft website. Even so this did not cure the quality issues I was having and so Microsoft, after much trouble shooting over the phone, decided the camera was faulty and very kindly sent me a replacement one (the VX-7000) which took about 5 working days to arrive.

The VX-7000 was an upgrade on the VX 6000 which was great as I now had the latest model and the most up to date software and drivers to run it on – all for free and I got to keep the VX 6000 as well!! But, the sound and picture quality were far worse than before - the picture was highly pixelised and jumped about all over the place. So, back to Microsoft tech support. This time they determined it was the video card on my laptop that was out of date and that it needed the latest driver installing. For this they advise me that I would have to contact the manufacturer (Hewlett Packard) for further advice and download the driver from their website. This download alone took 1.5 hours to perform - a pretty big driver eh!!

The driver did not work and I had to contact Hewlett Packard’s tech support team. They talked me through the process and did some trouble shooting to determine why the drivers were not installing properly. Eventually they managed to get the driver installed and working, but after a few minutes the new driver had disappeared and was replaced by the old one again!! Strange magic on the Internet! This process took about half a day in total and I was no further forward.

At this point I was beginning to lose the will to live!!

I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Happy hunting!!

Kevin Walker.

Who is Kevin Walker anyway?
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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Facebook’s New Loyalty Card?

I hardly seem to have been online for 5 minutes and yet when I look back the weeks, months, years have flown by. From the early pioneering days of the Internet – the Wild West Frontier days!! – when you’d start downloading a document and have to go and make a cup of coffee whilst it come down to your desktop computer!!! – or maybe have a three course meal depending on the docs size!!

Anyway, here I am these days with a small laptop and a load of plug-ins, add-ons, ‘’dongles’’ and other gizmos to speed me on my way down what we used to call the information super highway – or am I just showing my age now? One thing I have discovered over recent years is the power of the social networking which goes on these days and how it can help you and me to market our businesses more effectively on the Internet. Obviously, I’m talking about such things as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and the like. Here you can access all kinds of people and market yourself, your business and your products to them all for FREE!!

Let’s look at just one of these for a minute or two. Let’s look at Facebook. There are over 300,000,000 people using Facebook to date – that’s 300 million people!! But the figure does vary depending on where you go to research it – here a few more interesting facts:

1. More than 100 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day
2. More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college
3. The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older

Source: http:/

I’m sure you can see the huge potential here for any online business to tap into the 35 year old demographic and grow their business here as this is where out biggest potential audience is! What’s more just think about your own Facebook account, if you have one, and what information you, or others Facebookers, have put into it. All of that information is open access – anyone can see it. This makes Facebook a great marketing tool as you can see exactly what your potential leads interests are and you can then market to those exact needs! It’s like we as marketers have the key to the room where Tesco store all the data from their customers’ loyalty cards!!

There’s an interesting new training package coming out soon which shows you exactly how to exploit this aspect of Facebook and I’m be letting you know more about that in a later blog.

In the meantime why not check out my full online business offer at:

Speak again soon.

Until then, happy hunting folks.

Kevin Walker.

Making Money The Easy Way
Take back your freedom.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Kevin's Quick and Dirty Top 10 Tips

OK folks, just a very quick blog for now to give you some food for thought about making your online business the success you deserve. He’s my quick and dirty top ten tips for online success:

1. Carry out due diligence – see my previous blog Can You Make It Online? for more info.

2. Set a serious budget – one you intend to stick to not necessarily a big one.

3. Set yourself goals to build the business and stick to them.

4. Take action – every day take actions which move you and the business forward in some way.

5. Sign up for the beat business you have found after doing your due diligence.

6. Find a mentor who is going to support you every step of the way.

7. Establish your online presence and profiles.

8. Advertise for free or with paid advertisements depending on your budget.

9. Make lots of friends in the online community and avoid making enemies.

10. Implement any and all sound advice you’re given and any best practices you find.

I hope this helps and as I said it’s quick and dirty, but if you want more in depth information there’s lots of it at:

So, go get hunting now you know what you’re hunting for.

Good luck and speak again real soon.

Regards, Kevin.

Making Money The Easy Way

A Brief History of My Online Success Part 1

About 6 months ago I made the big decision to change my direction and to focus on another passion of mine – the internet and making money from it. I’d always dabbled on the www on eBay and by running a few small websites, but I never really got into the big time as I’d always wanted to and earn a full time living on part time hours by working from home. This work style would also give me more free time to spend as I wanted, with my wife, family and friends and taking more leisure time out for holidays and the like.

Over the years of working on the web doing the research work I had to do for my consultancy business I’d seen a plethora of sites promising to make me rich in a very short space of time by putting in just a couple of hours work per day – I immediately dismissed these as scams – who in their right mind wouldn’t!?

I even tried out some of these so called systems where they were totally free or offered a free trial period only to find that they weren’t systems at all, they were just incomplete ideas which gave you some of the skills you need for an online business or they gave you a partial system but not the entire picture and certainly no enough to set you up in business for life earning vast sums of money each week!

Then earlier this year I discovered an online business which again seemed to be making the same claims, but not in such brash terms – you know the kind I mean so unbelievable you just don’t believe it! If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! But, the big difference with this one was that there was a contact name and number, they offered to call me back and actually did – and it was real people I was talking to!, there was an address and the people were based in the UK and they were offering training and support too – all for a ridiculously low cost! All of this boosted my confidence in this particular business offer by 100%.

See you in part two – I’ll give you a clue: it’s below this blog!!

Check out my full online business offer at:

Happy hunting folks.
Speak to you soon.
Regards, Kevin.

Take back your freedom

A Brief History of My Online Success Part 2

OK, OK, OK I’ll get to the point, after a week of intensive due diligence I signed up and here I am now writing this introduction to myself to let you know that I’m just an ordinary guy, but a real one. And now I’m setting off on an incredible journey into a business world I’d always dreamed of being in.

I had no experience of making real serious money online but this system teaches you exactly what to do by following a proven and tested formula which actually works. The processes are very user friendly and get you up and running in a very short space of time. It really is a business in a box with everything you need to put in place ready and waiting for you to activate it – although you do need to personalise your web pages with your own information, but again this doesn't take much time up!

The only thing you have to do, as with all successful businesses, is take action and put in the time and effort to build your business. If you’re not prepared to do this then this business is not for you – but then neither will any other business be, online or off! Then you just sit back and do two things watch it grow and watch the money come in!

You don’t need to worry about support either as there is a team of others like you as well as other team members who have a wealth of experience - you can call on these members at anytime for their support. There’s also the weekly live training sessions and over 700 hours of training materials and 2,000+ products on the company website. Plus you also get access to the training materials in the back office of marketing group and you can attend their weekly webinars as well!

By the way, did I mention that I’m also in two marketing groups which people who join my team will also get access to – that’s two for the price of one folks!! I’m also a fully trained coach in goal mapping and achieving success? This means I can offer a range of unique skills which will further enhance the training offered by the company and the two marketing groups in order to support any member of my team in building their own successful online business.

Check out my full online business offer at:

Happy hunting folks.
Speak to you soon.
Regards, Kevin.

Take back your freedom

Can You Make It Online?

More and more recently I've been asked this very question: ''Can I make it online?''. More people than ever before are searching online for the business solution for them and more and more are failing online. A staggering 97% of people who go into business online fail to be successful!! So, what's the answer I hear you say? Well there are two keys to being successful in an online business. The first thing you have to do is take action and find the right kind of online business for you and then take action again in signing up to that business and then take more action everyday in moving that business forward in one way or another. That's the first thing you need to do - take action!!

The second thing you need to do is to take advice. Find someone who knows what they are talking about when it come to running a business online and listen to them, they know best. And then, you guessed it, take action on their advice and put into place whatever it is they have told you. This will move your online business forward more effectively than any e-book you could spend your time pouring over and in a much shorter time as well. In some cases the advice will have an immediate effect on the effectiveness of your online business.

The other thing you need to do is your due diligence in thoroughly checking out the business your signing up to. By this I mean kick it around a bit - No! kick it around a lot, a hell of a lot. This is where you do all the research you can about the business on the Internet and find out if there are any serious issues with it. You need to look at: it's history -how long has it been around; is there any bad press on it as well as the good stuff; what kind of success has it had; are there many members and followers; what is there on You Tube about the business; ask your friends in Twitter and Facebook, etc; phone up people and speak to them about it - especially if they are a member of the business; is there any training offered and is it free; do they give ongoing support from real people and not just a machine churning out e-books and e-mail; is there someone you can phone or Skype. Etc, etc, etc.

I know is a long task but it needs to be done before you buy onto any scheme in order to avoid buying into a scam!! I did my due diligence for my current online business in a week and it paid me dividends because it enabled me to make a sound and correct judgement about he business before I wasted lots and lots of money needlessly.

So, once again I say good hunting out there on the www and I hope you find the business of your dreams and you make it work for you.

Please take a little time to also visit me at
and see what I'm currently doing online - you'll not regret it and it may save you some time on your due diligence!!

Have a great day, Kevin Walker, Online Marketer and entrepreneur.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Single Best Way to Get Cheap Traffic From Google AdWords. Part 2

One difference between the two campaigns which Jon ran was image and text. Each campaign only used one or the other and it resulted in the 95,000 clicks difference between the two campaigns and this was on only 100 key words used. But wait, I've not yet revealed the major difference between these two campaigns and the types of images they were using
The next steps Jon told us we need to take in our own marketing campaigns is to ''Create an image ad for every size that Google allows for''. There are a total of 9 different images sizes allowed by Google apparently! Secondly, he told us that we need to create two campaigns with the exact same keywords and ad groups.

Next you put only image ads in one campaign and text in the other. Then make sure all 9 images are in every ad group of your image only campaign. Finally you need to track the difference!!
At this point Damian Benko felt that he'd probably be on this one task alone until he died!!
Jon told him ''It takes a lot of time to do this and so that's why I developed Keyword Rockstar!!

Jon: ''It’s my passion, I want to build quality software, not rip people off''.

Keyword Rockstar is still under development, but is being released to the first 500 applicants for a knockdown introductory price. For more information on this exciting new system and the introductory prices go to:

To find out more about me go to:

Final word from Damian on Keyword Rockstar: ''It totally rocks''

Well, not quite the final word - there's still that final little thing we all should be doing in our marketing ads? – use animated graphics - animated ads grab attention!!

See you all soon?

Kevin Walker, Coach, Trainer, Internet Marketer and CEO of The Kewco Trading Company we're Making Money The Easy Way

The Single Best Way to Get Cheap Traffic From Google AdWords. Part 1

Hi Guys, whilst most of the UK was in slumber land last night I was online to the US at mid-night to attend a webinar hosted by the Turn-Key Marketing Group, chaired by Mr Damian Benko and presented by Mr Jon Shugart the CEO of Keyword Rockstar.Making Money The Easy Way

We were given an insight into this exciting new piece of software that will blow away the competition when it comes to Google Adwords – we were also told how to drive over 90, 000 more hits to your webpages using just one simple trick which you can implement right now on your laptop.

Jon Shugart told us that he's ''tired of people getting ripped off in this business and it’s time for the internet industry to grow up'' ''We need to start treating each other with respect'' ''It's time to stop trying to make a quick buck and make a satisfied customer for life instead''

Just how much traffic and what's ‘dirt cheap’? In one trial campaign Jon attracted 122,000 visitors to his site in just one week!! The traffic was so heavy in fact that Jon was told by the company he was working for to ''stop the traffic'' as the site could not take anymore!!

Jon ran a 2 way split campaign to test drive the software and he found that there was a 95k click difference between the 2 campaigns - yes you heard right 95,000 click difference between one advertising campaign and the other. That's pretty amazing, and there was only one difference between them - images.

Jon went on to tell us that in our marketing efforts we needed to ''Focus on the content network'' and to ''Use IMAGE ADS that get ATTENTION!'' in order to get dirt cheap clicks – want to know more? Then look out for part two later today!


To find out more about me go to: 

Making Money The Easy Way
Win Back Your Freedom!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Danger on the Net - Beware!!

Hi guys of the world, and by guys I use the term in a non-gender specific way and to include everyone regardless of sex, age, creed, religion or gender bias, etc, etc. Well here it is my latest blog and I want to keep it short and to the point as it's quite late and I've been working all day on improving my Internet business.

However, I wanted to make a very important point about online marketing and online businesses in general - there are many scams out there, very many!! I know I've been reeled in and spat out by a number of them and a lot of others I've body swerved so quickly that I've actually thrown my back out and had to be laid up for a number of days on numerous occasions!

But seriously, I just wanted to say take care out there as it can be a cruel world but it's an even crueler one on the Internet. But, the good news is there are the good guys as well as the bad guys. One such guy is a young man called Brett Wash. Brett has his own marketing group and he has been helping me out over the past 3 weeks or so to achieve things I just could not have achieved without him.

He's always been there to talk to and ask questions and if he doesn't know he'll say so, but he'll also make supportive suggestions and point you to where you might get the answers from. However, for the vast majority of time Brett does have the answers and lots of them. I always come away from talking to Brett with more information and work to do to improve my online business than I ever thought I was going to get when I went to Brett with my initial question on any one particular topic.

All I can say is check out Brett's website, give him a call or Skype him - you won't regret it - I certainly didn't.

You can visit Bret Wash at:

Why not take a few minutes and visit me too at:

Happy hunting, Kevin Walker.


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