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Monday, 7 September 2009

Camcorder Check List

Hi Guys, just a quick blog this time to give you a check list of features you’ll need to use when searching out the camcorder for you. It’s not an exhaustive list but it contains some of the most important point to bear in mind when looking. Also, don’t forget to do a search on the Internet for additional features to take into account.

Here’s the list

Wide angle lens
5-10K Megapixels
Picture quality
Stills shots facility
Special effects
Colour effects
Onboard speaker
Onboard hard drive
Sound quality and Dolby stereo
Auto/manual focus
Quality of image
Optical and digital zoom
Macro facility
Battery life
Max and min length of shoot time
Flip out and twist round screen – hope you know what I mean, I couldn’t think of a clearer way to describe this – anyone any suggestions?
Colour viewfinder and size
Type of memory card
Does it come with a memory card?
Type of lens
Lens cap
Focal length
Video format and resolution
Battery charger included
Zoom microphone and noise reduction
Night light/flash
Mic input
Night recording mode
Accessory shoe
Wind filter
SDHC/SD/MMC+ media card slots
Stills shots
USB/AV cable inc
AV out connections
Editing software inc
Carrying case
Hand grip
Auto white balance
Long play mode
Date and time stamp
Backlight compensation
Suitable for tripod use
Memory card recording format
16:9 widescreen recording
Digital image stabiliser
Rechargeable lithium battery
Work off mains or just battery
Use as a webcam

Happy hunting!!
Kevin Walker.

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