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Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting the Right Camcorder

Hi Guys, further to my last blog on Getting the Right Webcam I’d like to share with you what happened next and my experiences with camcorders.

The whole process of talking to Microsoft and Hewlett Packard about my difficulties with the webcams and carrying out various trouble shooting operations, installations and combinations took a total of approximately 2.5 days!! In the end I decided I had better things to do with my life and went out and bought a cheap hand held camcorder.

Did I mention it was a cheap camcorder – and you know what that means, yep nasty - cheap and nasty – it cost just £40.00!! The sound and picture quality were both poor – I’ll not name the camera manufacturer to avoid any embarrassment (and litigation)!! However, I did purchase it from a well known high street book store. Nor will I bore you with the details of what else was wrong with this camcorder and the time I wasted trying to get a good quality shoot out of it – suffice it to say that cheap is not good!

So, yesterday I went out and bought a Samsung SMX-F300. I got it for £139.99 from a Comet store. It was originally on sale at £249.99 and it comes with a battery charger, hand grip, carrying case, USB/AV cables, editing and other software, etc(go here for more details So, a bit of a bargain then?

If you decide to go for the Samsung SMX-F300 then just enter this name and model number into Google as there are lots of stores offering it at this price and some are £10.00 cheaper or £10.00 more expensive, so be careful. Also, if you go to a Comet store to buy it take the webpage as a print out as proof of the website price as when I went to collect mine yesterday they tried to charge my £149.99 until I produced the webpage printout!!

So, let’s hope this camcorder meets my needs when I try it out later today. I’ll let you know in a later blog. Also, see my next blog on what features to look for in a handheld camcorder – my check list for when you go searching for your very own camcorder.

Sorry to have gone on about this but I feel it’s vitally important for you all to be aware of some of the nightmare scenarios that can happen if you don’t, or even if you do, carry out your research into the camera you need for Internet purposes.

I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Happy hunting!!

Kevin Walker.

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