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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Single Best Way to Get Cheap Traffic From Google AdWords. Part 2

One difference between the two campaigns which Jon ran was image and text. Each campaign only used one or the other and it resulted in the 95,000 clicks difference between the two campaigns and this was on only 100 key words used. But wait, I've not yet revealed the major difference between these two campaigns and the types of images they were using
The next steps Jon told us we need to take in our own marketing campaigns is to ''Create an image ad for every size that Google allows for''. There are a total of 9 different images sizes allowed by Google apparently! Secondly, he told us that we need to create two campaigns with the exact same keywords and ad groups.

Next you put only image ads in one campaign and text in the other. Then make sure all 9 images are in every ad group of your image only campaign. Finally you need to track the difference!!
At this point Damian Benko felt that he'd probably be on this one task alone until he died!!
Jon told him ''It takes a lot of time to do this and so that's why I developed Keyword Rockstar!!

Jon: ''It’s my passion, I want to build quality software, not rip people off''.

Keyword Rockstar is still under development, but is being released to the first 500 applicants for a knockdown introductory price. For more information on this exciting new system and the introductory prices go to:

To find out more about me go to:

Final word from Damian on Keyword Rockstar: ''It totally rocks''

Well, not quite the final word - there's still that final little thing we all should be doing in our marketing ads? – use animated graphics - animated ads grab attention!!

See you all soon?

Kevin Walker, Coach, Trainer, Internet Marketer and CEO of The Kewco Trading Company we're Making Money The Easy Way

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