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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Single Best Way to Get Cheap Traffic From Google AdWords. Part 1

Hi Guys, whilst most of the UK was in slumber land last night I was online to the US at mid-night to attend a webinar hosted by the Turn-Key Marketing Group, chaired by Mr Damian Benko and presented by Mr Jon Shugart the CEO of Keyword Rockstar.Making Money The Easy Way

We were given an insight into this exciting new piece of software that will blow away the competition when it comes to Google Adwords – we were also told how to drive over 90, 000 more hits to your webpages using just one simple trick which you can implement right now on your laptop.

Jon Shugart told us that he's ''tired of people getting ripped off in this business and it’s time for the internet industry to grow up'' ''We need to start treating each other with respect'' ''It's time to stop trying to make a quick buck and make a satisfied customer for life instead''

Just how much traffic and what's ‘dirt cheap’? In one trial campaign Jon attracted 122,000 visitors to his site in just one week!! The traffic was so heavy in fact that Jon was told by the company he was working for to ''stop the traffic'' as the site could not take anymore!!

Jon ran a 2 way split campaign to test drive the software and he found that there was a 95k click difference between the 2 campaigns - yes you heard right 95,000 click difference between one advertising campaign and the other. That's pretty amazing, and there was only one difference between them - images.

Jon went on to tell us that in our marketing efforts we needed to ''Focus on the content network'' and to ''Use IMAGE ADS that get ATTENTION!'' in order to get dirt cheap clicks – want to know more? Then look out for part two later today!


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