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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Twitter Traffic Training Part One: How to Get Others to Follow You and Stay Following You

I want this series of blogs on Twitter to be short and to the point so you can get on and put what you’ve learnt here into action out there on Twitter just as soon as is humanly possible and so you can take full advantage of all the traffic you’re going to generate in order to make more money from your online businesses.

So, with that in mind I’ve created a step by step list of what to do with easy to follow instructions. If at any point you get stuck then just e-mail or Skype me and I’ll show you how to overcome any problems you may have!!

Skype: Kevin.Walker691

OK, let’s get started. Here's your To Do List for ''How to Get Others to Follow You and Stay Following You'':

1. First off you need to be the one who follows someone else - you follow first (your offering the hand of friendship here), but - you need to be selective and choose to follow those who are only interested in what you're trying to sell them – to build a list of people who are not interested in what you offer or sell is a worthless list!!

2. You can do a search for these people to follow at just enter the search terms and click on search. For example if you sell bowling shoes type in ''bowling shoes'' and see who is talking about them. Then follow those people and hopefully they will follow you back!!

3. You can also go to your competitors on Twitter who you know are selling the same or related products to the ones that you are selling, click on their followers list and click on the people who are following them and then you are following the exact same people who are following your competitors. These are open sourced focused lists of potential targeted leads!! – pretty amazing stuff, yes?

A word of warning: only follow the first 2 or 3 pages of the followers on you competitors list as these are going to be the most active and therefore the most likely to follow you back – which is really what you want.

Here's a Key Point to getting as many followers as possible from your time and efforts – follow at the right times. These times are:

Weekdays: 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm-10.00 pm;

Weekends: All day Saturday

All day Sunday but especially Sunday night

AVOID mornings during the week as no one has time to follow you back

Finding People Worth Following

4. Look for active users and who do a lot of updating. If someone has a low number of followers and does not regularly Tweet or update their followers or following list or home page then they're unlikely to take an interest in you or your product and are even less likely to follow you back. Also, if they don't post a picture of themselves it indicates they can't be bothered or have something to hide or are less interesting then the poster or cartoon they posted instead of a picture of themselves!! –sorry, but it's true and they are unlikely to follow you back.

A word of warning: be careful here as the low number of followers/following, no photo, etc may be just because they are newbies and deserve a chance. So, be careful!!

5. Check the number of Tweets of the person you intend to follow and only follow those with at least 5-10 tweets.

6. When you do a search on look for two or more Twitterers having a conversation and then enter the conversation if you have something of value to add to it – remember this is about building relationships with potential customers and so if you can add value to them and what they are trying to find out or do then you will build your authority on the subject and gain their respect and confidence as well as their friendship – this way they'll be more confident in buying from you rather than someone they don't know!!

Note: in getting a following this way it goes from 30% follow back to 60% who will follow you back and could even be as high as 70% if you enter the conversation.

7. Don’t follow 400 – 500 people per day or you’ll get kicked off!! You need to follow 50 per day and then delete them off after 2-3 days, if they don't follow you back, and then add some more to your following list. When you get to following 500 you can follow 10% of your followers list to stay in the rules of Twitter and avoid getting thrown off!!

Example: you have 3,000 followers which means you can be following 3,300 which is 10% more than your followers list.

8. Always check back to the ''big boys'' on Twitter as they’re pages will refresh with new followers everyday – if not every few minutes with those who have followers at the 1 million mark!! So, a good source of free traffic!!

9. Obviously the above involves some work each day every day and about three or four time per day!! Well we can automate a lot of it and one way is the use a piece of software called Karma. But I'll say more about that in the next Twitter Traffic Training E-Booklet, Part 2.

Well, good hunting with this one!
Talk again soon.

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